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Create high quality visual contents to showcase your property on social media, catalogues, property tours, and many more!

Property Shoot

IDR 5.500.000
USD 550

Property Tour

IDR 12.000.000
USD 700

What happens after I sent an enquiry?

Within 24 hours of filling out the 'Get a Quote' form or enquiring to us, we will come back to you with the best quote and proposal. If you agree to do the shoot, we will create a booking for you, and you'll be given your account access details after the booking is made.

Getting Ready for The Shoot

Make sure your property, talents and all necessary props are ready at the agreed shooting location maximum 1 hour before shooting time. Our team will send you a basic guideline on how to prepare your property at least 1 day before the shoot.

Shooting Time!

The assigned photographer will be at the shooting location with all the necessary equipments maximum 30 minutes before the shooting time.

Download and share your photos

Our editors will deliver the edited photos to your online album within 3 business days, and you can share it directly through a public link.

Getting Ready for The Shoot

Make sure your property, talents and all necessary props are ready at the agreed shooting location maximum 1 hour before shooting time. Our team will send you a basic guideline on how to prepare your property at least 1 day before the shoot.

Shooting time!

The assigned videographer will be at the shooting location with all the necessary equipments maximum 60 minutes before the shooting time.

Get your preview

Our editors will edit your video according to your requirements and deliver the first draft for you to review within 7 working days.

Download and share your videos

Our editors will edits based on your review and deliver within 5 business days. The project will be closed 2 weeks after shooting date.

How do professional visuals impact your property business?


More Bookings

Professionally taken photos and videos are proven to increase bookings by 100%

More Views

High quality, professionally taken visual contents generate 94% more views

Detailed Images

Detailed angles of your personnel is very important to 67% of consumers.

Create more engaging visuals for your businesses

Professionally taken photos and videos generate more orders and engagements. Get yours in just 3 business days*!





Property Shoot

Essential property shoots covering all rooms and facilities

Make the most out of your 2-hour photo shoot session!

• Cover 2-3 bedrooms / living rooms
• 2 other common areas
• 1 facade shoot
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Property Tour

Get your potential clients to tour your property freely

Starting from as low as IDR 3.500.000, you can showcase your property completely to capture greater prospects!
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Highest Quality Contents, The Best Price

Delivering the best value and services, suitable for your budget

Property Shoot

Rooms and facilities photo shoot

IDR 5.500.000
USD 550
Studio apartment small size (50 sqm)
1 hour shoot
1 Photographer + lighting
All edited photos
Additional hour
+IDR 2.500.000 /hour
+USD 200 /hour
Digital Imaging
+IDR 150.000 /photo
+USD 10 /photo
Creative service start from
IDR 1.000.000
USD 70
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Property Tour

Highlighting every architectural details of your property

IDR 10.200.000
USD 700
Shot list
4 hour shoot
1 Videographer + lighting
2 times revision
1 edited video (up to 3 minutes)
Additional hour
+IDR 1.000.000 /hour
+USD 80 /hour
+IDR 1.000.000 /video
+USD 80 /video
Additional equipments
+IDR 1.000.000
+USD 80
Creative service start from
IDR 1.000.000
USD 70
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us an email at or chat with our team via the Web Chat!
What's included in the pricing?

For photos: 1 photographer with professional lighting equipment and Color editing. For videos: 1 videographer with basic shoot equipment and Video editing with 1 time revision (not including animation)

Does the pricing include digital imaging retouch?

No, digital imaging is available as additional charge per photo.

How many rooms can you cover in 2 hours photo shoot?

We can cover about 2 bedrooms, 1 living room/lobby, 2 other facilities/common area, and vacade.

What kind of graphics that I get in basic video package?

Color corrections & simple graphic titles. With additional charge, we can accomodate more advanced online editing (visual effect & color grading).

Is stylist included?

No. Our photographers have a basic property checklist (toilet seat should be closed, curtain should be opened, etc.), but other than that if your property needs styling, stylist will have to come from the client.

Is talent included?

No, if needed, talent will be sourced by client

Is make up artist included?

No, if needed, make up artist will be sourced by client.

Is storyboard/creative concept included for video shoot?

No. Storyboard and creative concept usually are prepared by the client. If you wish us to create one for you, it is very possible, however, there will be additional charge for this.

Do I need to prepare my own props for photo shoot?

Our photographers will only come with lighting equipment. If you have a specific prop you want to have, you will need to prepare the props.

What are the add-ons?

For photo, we can provide you with additional digital imaging retouch. For video, we can provide you with additional lighting, audio equipment, and talent. All based on your brief with additional charge. Terms & condition applied.

What if I require more advanced type of video?

You can contact our representative to discuss further regarding your particular needs, and we will help to devise a solution accordingly.

Can I add a company logo to the photo?

Adding company logo counts as digital imaging, hence there will be additional fee per photo

How long in advance should I book a shoot?

At least 2 days in advance for photo shoots and 1 week in advance for video shoots

What should be prepared by the client before the shooting process?

There will be some suggested procedures, which are a well-organised interior & exterior area that you would like to shoot, following that it has to be clean and neat.

Can I choose my photographer or videographer?

We will assign our curated and trained photographers and videographers based on suitability and availability. Rest assured, all of our photographers and videographers have been carefully selected and will deliver great results!

Can I see my photographer's or videographer's portfolio?

We do not distribute our photographers and videographers' individual portfolios. However, you can see our portfolio as a company in this site.

How do I contact my photographer or videographer?

You may chat and call the photographer/videographer through our app, which can be downloaded via Google Play Store or Apple App Store

How do I log in to SweetEscape app?

Once you confirm an order, our team will create an account with your email address, which you may use to login. You will be able to see your order under "My Moments", if you face any issue, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Can we reschedule or cancel a shoot?

Once a quotation is signed, cancellation will be charged at full amount. Rescheduling can be done within 2 days prior the shoot.

What are the payment methods?

You can either wire transfer or use a credit card to make payment. We will send you the payment link once you confirm an order

What if the photographer or videograher is late to the shoot?

We encourage photographers/videographers to come 15-30 minutes before a photo shoot. However, in the event where the photographer/videographer is late, the shoot time will be counted per when the shoot start.

What if I'm late to the shoot?

We encourage a timely preparation prior the shoot. However, in the event where client is late to the shoot, we cannot push back the shoot time as the photographer/videographer may have other sessions after your shoot. Hence, client might loose shoot time.

When will my photos be ready?

Color edited photos will be available for download in 3 business days after your shoot. When they’re ready, you will receive an email, then you can login into your account and view your pictures in the online gallery. If you require digital imaging (retouch), editing might take up to 5 business days after shoot.

When will my video be ready?

You will receive the first video draft in 7 business days after the shoot.

What size are the photos?

The standard photo size downloadable from the website is 3300x2200 px, large enough to be printed on a 60x90 cm canvas.

What will the format of the photos I download be?

The photos will be in JPEG format.

What will the format of the videos I download be?

The standard format will be a MP4 or MOV. We can make various video formats for your needs, 16: 9 for YouTube, 1: 1 for Instagram feeds, 9:16 for Instagram stories.

Can I have the RAW files?

Due to copyrights issue, we do not distribute RAW files. However, you may request other file format prior to the shoot and we will let you know if it is possible.

Will the photos or video I receive be edited already?

Yes, the photos you'll receive will be color edited. However, they are not retouched. You may request a retouch with additional fee per photo. For Videos, we only do the color corrections. You can get color grading & online editing for an addiitonal fee.

What's the difference between color edit and retouch?

Color edit is color correction of photos, adjusting the brightness, contrast and color tone. Digital imaging retouch is adding, removing or changing a certain aspect of the photos (i.e. removing creases from clothing, adding smoke effect to a beverage, removing cables from a property, adding shadow to a headshot, adding logo to a product shoot, etc.)

How will the photo files be delivered?

You may download the photos through our website or app.

How will the video files be delivered?

You may download the videos through a shareable link which will be provided.

If I'm not satisfied with the result, can I request a revision?

We will confirm the final brief with you before the shoot.Should there be any changes to the brief after the final result is delivered (including but not limited to color, styling, editing style, props), it will be counted as a new order with extra charge. We will follow and deliver as per first confirmed brief.For videos we allow 1 round of revision within 1 week after first draft is delivered. All project will be considered completed within 1 week after delivery.

Does the client have the copyrights to the photos?

Yes, client will have the copyrights to the photos.

How do I give a feedback or review?

There will be a platform where you can share your thoughts and to rate our service as well!

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